A 42-day guide to transition from DadBod to Beast-Mode in finances, fitness, family & faith

DadBod. That weird body you see at the swimming pool that is hanging over the guys swimming shorts like a muffin top with patches of hair everywhere. That guy has kids and he is tired. He wakes up early, commutes to work… works hard all day… commutes back home… eats supper on the run… takes his kids to their activities… tucks the kids into bed… watches TV for an hour or two… sets his alarm… and does it all over again the next day… it is exhausting. As a man and a father, this is our typical life until we reach 65. This needs to change.  As men, we need to plan our lives to live an incredible life filled with freedom and adventure. 

The reason I wrote this Survival Guide is to help other Dads who may be in survival mode. There are ways to get your energy back and my prayer is that this Survival Guide will help you to live a life filled with a profound faith, an everlasting family legacy, and a life filled with adventure.

How to use this Survival Guide:

  1. Commit to follow the plan laid out in the Survival Guide for 42 days
  2. Each day complete the simple and practical actions to build discipline in your life
  3. Use the schedule and resources to help to plan out your life and develop good habits
  4. Rinse and repeat

About me:

I am the quintessential Canadian. I love hockey, I love my family, I love my country, and I love Tim Horton’s coffee. And, my favorite animal is the beaver (lol). I live in the city of Calgary in the province of Alberta. Calgary is the largest city in Alberta (~1.3M people) and is located just over an hour east from Banff National Park. Calgary is known for its hospitality and a typical Calgarian loves to be outside skiing, mountain biking, or hiking on their time off work.

I am a Christian, husband, father, son, and brother. I am married to my beautiful wife and we have three rugged boys and a beautiful little girl. As a family, we enjoy golfing, skiing/snowboarding, traveling, spending time at the lake, and living a life filled with wonder and adventure.