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Day 12

Bible verse: Joshua 1:9 – I’ve commanded you to be brave and strong, haven’t I? Don’t be alarmed or terrified, because the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Today is all about motivation on the financial front. There is a community called the FIRE community (Financially Independent Retire Early). The premise of the FIRE community is to save large portions of money earned and invest in index funds and/or rental property. The goal is to retire early or have enough money saved to provide the flexibility to focus time on passion projects. Why I find this community so motivating, is they don’t sit around and get depressed about being in the same job for 40 years. They take action. Rather than max out on the largest mortgage approved for, they would use this money to buy a fixer-upper 4plex. Rather than eating out 5 days a week, they would save 50-70% of what they make and invest it into index funds. Rather than buying the latest BMW, they would bike to work. Rather than watching TV every night, they would be energized by having a side hustle to earn extra money to reach their goal of financial independence. If you were financially independent, how would you spend your time? What motivates you to give back to the world? How is God leading you to spend your time and money? 

Daily Guide:


  • 5:30AM – Wake-up, thank God for this day prior to your feet hitting the ground
  • Max out on push-ups / mountain climbers before leaving your bedroom (7 mins)
  • Read your Bible or listen with audio app

Lunch Break


  • Tell your wife that you love her and give her a big kiss on the lips
  • Pray with kids before bed
  • 10PM – Lights out

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