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Day 20

Bible verse: Romans 8:28 – We know that God works all things together for good for the ones who love God, for those who are called according to his purpose.

How do I get more active with my spouse? We are both running in different directions trying to take care of the kids. We were up 6 times last night with the baby and are exhausted. Or, we have our kids in 3 activities each and are running around every evening and weekend taking our kids to ballet, piano, baseball, soccer, hockey, youth group, etc etc. My preferred time to workout is during my commute or at lunch time. I feel like these are hours I am away from my family anyways, so I typically try to get my exercise in during these times. For my wife it differs. She typically exercises in the morning or during a free time in the day. We have been in the rat race of running from one activity to the other in the past and it is not fun for anyone. It is exhausting. What are we trying to achieve by having our kids so busy? The COVID pandemic has been a great reminder to slow down. Our kids have never been happier being at home playing together and being active together as a family. Whether that is playing hockey at an outdoor rink or getting out skiing and snowboarding. In the summer we spent a lot of time shooting hoops, playing soccer in the field by our house, or just throwing the baseball around. Time that we have not typically had in the past when life was so busy. Another recommendation I have is being active as part of your dates with your spouse. The odd occasion when we have a babysitter, we will typically play tennis, or go for a run, or get out for a bike ride. Then go home and shower and feel great and make dinner or go out for supper. The next time you have a date night with your spouse try to incorporate being physically active as part of your date.

Daily Guide:


  • 5:30AM – Wake-up, thank God for this day prior to your feet hitting the ground
  • Max out on push-ups / mountain climbers before leaving your bedroom (10 mins)
  • Read your Bible or listen with audio app

Lunch Break


  • Tell your wife that you love her and give her a big kiss on the lips
  • Pray with kids before bed
  • 10PM – Lights out

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