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Day 21

Bible verse: 1 John 3:22 – We receive whatever we ask from him because we keep his commandments and do what pleases him.

The topic for today is on nutrition and eating habits. I will be the first to admit that I have had terrible eating habits in the past… and I still struggle with eating healthy. There is nothing more that I love than McDonald’s fries, or A&W burgers, or Dominoes pizza. I love beer, milkshakes, coffee with lots of cream, and especially a nice bowl of chocolate covered almonds once the kids are asleep. Unfortunately, I love it all. Here are a few tips and tricks I have picked up over the years to help me eat healthier. 

  1. Make smoothies regularly for breakfast or lunch. My typical smoothie blend is lots of spinach, hemp hearts, almond butter, bananas, frozen berries, and frozen pineapple. We use the Vitamix blender which works great.
  2. Bring your lunch to work. It saves money and will keep you healthier.
  3. Eat healthy during the week. Be more flexible on weekends. We typically order pizza and watch a movie Friday night. When we are running around with kids on the weekend, we will grab fast food if my wife will let us (which is the best:).
  4. Don’t drink alcohol. I used to always have beer in the fridge and drink on the weekends. I thought it was a well-deserved treat after a long week of work. Now, I realize that it is a waste of money, I feel terrible, and it makes me fat. No thanks. 
  5. During the week, I only eat between 12pm and 9pm. This gives my body 15 hours to digest and take a break. Typically, I will drink a glass of water when I wake up, have coffee/water throughout the morning. Have a light to medium sized lunch. Decent sized supper and then snack a little once kids are in bed. 

Daily Guide:


  • 5:30AM – Wake-up, thank God for this day prior to your feet hitting the ground
  • Max out on push-ups / mountain climbers before leaving your bedroom (10 mins)
  • Read your Bible or listen with audio app

Lunch Break


  • Tell your wife that you love her and give her a big kiss on the lips
  • Pray with kids before bed
  • 10PM – Lights out

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