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Day 41

Bible Verse: 1 Corinthians 16:13 – Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

Living your best life. Man, what does that even mean? If I could dream my best life it would be filled with adventure, I would have lots of time with my family, I would feel like I am making a difference in the world, I would be living on an acreage and have farm animals, I would be fit and feel strong, I would feel secure in my finances because I took the time to plan for my future, I would trust in God daily and know that I am loved by Him more that I can imagine. In order to achieve the life we want; we have to believe we deserve that life. We need to visualize and plan for that life. Planning isn’t spending a couple hours one Saturday afternoon and hoping that everything is going to change. It is developing a daily routine that ensures you are living your best life. It involves changing behaviors that you have built up over your entire life. In the book the Tipping Point, it talks about becoming an expert by investing 10,000 hours into an activity. Developing goals and routines are similar. If you want to learn something new or achieve a goal, the easy part is writing it down or developing a dream board. The difficult part is being consistent in going out and enjoying the process daily. Once you start, don’t stop. Visualize where you want to be and enjoy the process each day of becoming a better person.


Daily Guide:


  • 5:30AM – Wake-up, thank God for this day prior to your feet hitting the ground
  • Max out on push-ups / mountain climbers before leaving your bedroom (15 mins)
  • Read your Bible or listen with audio app

Lunch Break

  • Walk/run min of 6KM
  • Take the time today to reflect on the last 41 days.  Do you feel at peace?  Do you feel healthier?  Have your relationships with your wife and children blossomed?  Do you feel closer to God and know that he is in control? 


  • Tell your wife that you love her and give her a big kiss on the lips
  • Pray with kids before bed
  • 10PM – Lights out

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